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Here's what our clients are saying about us...

"We’ve got a house that has everything we want in it delivered in the timeframe that we were happy with and at the original price that we’d expected; so we’re really happy. We could go wherever we wanted and we had that flexibility, which was really important for us. We were spending quite a lot of money and we wanted what we wanted. And we got it.”
Karin Adams, Flagstaff, Hamilton.

"Joel certainly made it easy from the get go, from when we first spoke to him, right through to the end. We’d really like to thank Joel and his team. The experience was fantastic for us. And, you know, if we were to ever build again it certainly would be with Joel. No hesitation. It’s been a relationship really and I’d have no hesitation in recommending Joel or getting him to build another house for us.”
Tony and Linda Burgess, Flagstaff, Hamilton.

"We recommend him. In any forum. He's great. Nothing is an issue."
Trevor Newland, Flagstaff, Hamilton.

Video Testimonials


"I would build every year with him. It was a real dream process. I loved that I knew exactly where I was, where I had to be, what I had to have ready all of the time.

Everything was done exactly the way he said it would be. It was fantastic. I’d been told building was really stressful. I’d done it once 30 years previous and it was and everyone kind of confirmed that. This wasn’t at all. This was a breeze.”
Patrick Lennan, Flagstaff, Hamilton."

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